miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

GO WITH THE FLOW. Villa Bottini, Lucca (Italy).

We are very happy for our participation in this amazing show with this amazing artists! Special thanxs to Marco Mazzoni and Bonelli Contemporanea.

If you are around Lucca (Italy) this summer you should go to see all the great work by all these amazing artist! :)

11st August – 2nd September 2012

Go with the Flow
an alternative point of view over the world

curated by Alberto Mattia Martini

The international goup show, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini, will include a range of artists from different backgrounds and from more than ten different Countries.
The show is part of the summer programme of events L’IMMAGINE DEL SUONO organized by the Municipality of Lucca and Artlab.
The main task of the programme is to highlight the tight connection between visual and musical arts, the synergy between the different creative fields involved and the several iconography of the contemporary artistic background. 
The selected group of visual artists is united by the international underground scenario of music and comics. The title, Go with the Flow, is a tribute to the band Queen of the Stone Age, and specifically to the famous LP Songs for the Deaf of the Early 2000, which pumped them to the international music scene.
The exhibition is a frame shot on the international contemporary art scene, without the aim of labelling these artists with a common name of artistic movement.
Although a original various cultural background (from Cambodia to Japan, from Italy to Latvia, from Taiwan to Seul), most part of them moved to the main artistic cities at present: Los Angeles, Berin or New York. The delocalization has influenced their artistic production, creating an interesting mush-up which is reflecting the cultural melting-pot we live in.


Mia Araujo | Jana Brike | Hsiao Ron Cheng | Crajes | Fulvio Di Piazza | Andrew Hem
Laura Hines | Alessia Iannetti | Jared Joslin | Jessica Joslin | James Kalinda
 Steve Kim | Andrea La Rocca | Rodrigo Luff | Marco Mazzoni | Elena Monzo 
Tran Nguyen | Corine Perier | Joao Ruas | Marco Schifano 
Marta Sesana | Edwin Ushiro | William Marc Zanghi


L’Immagine del Suono is produced by Art Lab, with the contribution of the Municipality of Lucca.
 Artistic director of L’Immagine del Suono: Alessandro Romanini.

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