miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

About "Ingemisco ..."

3 días después de la inauguración de “Ingemisco tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, deus” en la galería N2 de Barcelona y a falta de casi un mes para la finalización de la exposición, son muchos los emails o mensajes recibidos por amigos y desconocidos con palabras increíbles sobre la exposición.
Estamos realmente anonadadas por el gran recibimiento que ha tenido la exposición y por las reflexiones que ha provocado en el público. Son varias las personas que se han dirigido a nosotras para comentarnos que han visitado la exposición en varias ocasiones para responderse preguntas y emociones que se les habían quedado dentro durante la primera visita.
La verdad es que no tenemos palabras para agradecer vuestra respuesta y apoyo. Para nosotras es muy importante esta reacción del público así que GRACIAS por vuestra respuesta; así es mucho más fácil seguir creando.

Recordaros que tenéis hasta el día 16 de diciembre para visitarla.
Un abrazo,


13 days after the opening of “Ingemisco tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; suplicanti parce deus” at N2 gallery in Barcelona, we have received lots of emails by friends and unknown people with amazing words about the show.
We are absolutely shocked about the great reception and the different reflexions that has provoked to the visitors. There are some people who has told us that they had to visit the exhibition more that twice to answer to themselves some unsolved questions and emotions they were concerned about.
We do not find words to thank everybody for your response and support, For us is really important your reaction so THANK YOU, this way is a lot easier to keep working and creating.

You can visit the show until december 16.


martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

"Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, deus" by Crajes

N2 Gallery is proud to present -
Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, Deus” the first solo show from the duo female collective Crajes to be held in Barcelona. The title of the exhibition has been inspired by the written passage taken from the “Dies irae” poem.
Taking Justine and Juliette from Marques de Sade as a starting point, this new collection from Crajes is a powerful series of oil paintings and ink works on paper. The strength of their  collection is in every detail, the execution and the technique are wrapped in a halo of sensuality, fragility and perversity that stand together without being disconnected. 

When creating a strange climate which is full of beauty and disturbing images a crevasse appears in the analysis of human nature and how it has been melded along with the preset canons by individuals.
Following the well-known duality in their work, one can endow this new exhibition with a level of maturity  already present in their previous work entitled “Virgins of Perverseness” which were exhibited in Manila. 
“Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, Deus”  has been produced after months of confinement in their studio working on this powerful new collection, Crajes honestly states "it has been the most difficult exhibition we have created up to this point in our artistic career. We have been through many frames of mind during the production of these works and we feel there is a lot of each of us in the works. It has been a truly moving experience”.

Crajes offers us a rare opportunity to view such a complete collection of works in their hometown of Barcelona.
Join us on November 7th to experience the new collection from duo artists Crajes at the N2 Gallery in Barcelona.

sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

WIP "Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, deus"

The next november 7 is the opening of our last Solo Show "Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubet vultus meus; supplicanti parce, deus" at N2 Gallery.

Some images about creation process and our time in the studio :)